Candyman ★★★★

They tore it down and gentrified the shit out of it.

Candyman had a flawless setup and execution along with magnificent performances and fine silhouette animation sequences that Lotte Reiniger would be proud of.

Tell everyone.

An inordinate amount of blood is shed as well as a ton of fun is had with the legend. The humor offsets the terror marvelously. It was great that Virginia Madsen's character, Helen Lyle, was a part of the story, despite her not being prominent in this film. There are also a few jump scares, a twist so horrifying, and mirrors at every turn inviting people to summon you-know-who.

Vanessa Williams plays the mother of the main character, Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Her hair, nails, and dress made her look so young that I thought she was supposed to be McCoy's sister at first.

I enjoyed the flashbacks, the petty people who were part of the art scene, and the splendid directing by second-time director Nia DaCosta. While remembering that superstar Jordan Peele served as co-writer and producer, DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS IS DACOSTA'S BABY!

Vegan alert:
-Fur-lined coats
-Beheaded rottweiler (told through silhouette animation)
-Anthony smashes bee
-Smeared honeycomb

Trigger warning:
-Brutality toward humans
-Bad cops
-People die in lots of gruesome ways

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