Dune ★★★½


Everything important happens when we're awake.

Y'all I don't know what just happened but it's "spicier" than Blade Runner 2049. We were the first audience in the world to see Dune in IMAX. Denis Villeneuve presented it with actress Rebecca Ferguson.

+rumble of the IMAX
+shirtless Timothée Chalamet
+Paul's (Timothée Chalamet) commanding voice
+when Paul smiles at Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac)
+fight scene with vibrating technology with Matrix-level innovation
+Rebecca Ferguson's restrained performance
+Rebecca Ferguson's costumes
+Dragonfly 'copter
+Oscar Isaac's "dignity" speech
+Dune felt racially inclusive unlike the new Star Wars films (they would cast POC and then waste their talent)
+Rebecca Ferguson kissing Timothée Chalamet
+Rebecca Ferguson drinking sweat and tears
+ Timothée Chalamet speaking different languages

-watered down Star Wars: SW-looking tanks, R2D2-looking projector, and similar desert atmosphere
-too bad Timothée Chalamet and Oscar Isaac's characters are related, because they look at each other so tenderly
-lots of actors were shouting instead of acting (see breakdown below)
-"The Thing" is a rubber-looking ant that looks cheap and horrible!!
-lots of killing and violence seemed so unnecessary

~those guys with faceless masks
~black stripes on some people's faces on their lower lip was kinda ugly but also kinda went with the style of the film
-Rebecca Ferguson's Little Women/The Crucible-esque outfit was an eyesore compared to the rest of her costumes

Visuals/sound 10/10
Acting 8/10 (some people turned in overpowered performances)
Story 4/10

-Bullfighting statue
-Paul's grandfather fought bulls for sport
-Tooth sword
-Horns on display
-Man eats animal parts (pig's feet?)
-Desert mouse shown sweating

When they say "Is that a worm?", get ready to scream "F*** yeah, that's a worm!!!!"

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