Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★½

“It's kind of fun having a secret.”

Instead of sending Santa my wish list this year, I'm going to send one to Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis). Happiest Season is a contender for *THE* lesbian film that everyone is going to watch every Christmas. It has *ALL* the plot points and *ALL* the actors in Hollywood that one could dream of. And let's remember the woman who made it all happen: director and co-writer Clea DuVall!

Kiss log:
-The first kiss is hand drawn
-Kiss on rooftop
-Kiss after the roof
-They kiss after the mom leaves
-Kissing on the bed in the basement
-Kiss at the gas station

Trigger warning:
Music by Sia is featured (she recently made some ableist comments on Twitter)

Vegan alert:
-Abby uses milk in her coffee
-Bacon for breakfast
-Mom (Mary Steenburgen) talks about accidentally buying racehorse

Vegan points:
-Eric (Burl Moseley) gives a tip about coconut oil adding moisture to hands
-Abby and John (Dan Levy) were going to buy fish and John said that fish belong in the ocean.

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