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This review may contain spoilers.

"Caring, sir, is my job."

I Care a Lot has a ton loose ends and leaves you wondering who to sympathize with in the tangled web of the moral depraved characters. Marla (Rosamund Pike) plays a convincing court-appointed guardian to a number of elderly people who may not be as incapacitated as she presents. She is tough and even threatens to grab a man's dick and balls "clean off" when he stands up to her. Per J Blakeson's script, Marla has a girlfriend, Frances (Eiza González). Unfortunately, it seems like Marla and Frances' relationship was added as a last minute thought, because it takes awhile for them to show that they care about each other.

"I am just getting started."

Marla's sunglasses and vaping add to the dimension of her character. The supporting cast is excellent: Peter Dinklage and Dianne Wiest are every bit as captivating as the woman on the poster, and Chris Messina provides an interesting diversion. While a drugged-up Dianne Wiest was entertaining, I found myself disappointed when her character took a hiatus halfway through the film and we were delayed in finding out what happened to her.

Recalling Unsane for a supposed temporary stay at a mental health facility and the winding bookended voiceover like in 21 Grams, I Care a Lot is its own animal: untamed and without any conscience. Watch at the risk of being entertained by the actors and enchanting cinematography.

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Comes to Netflix: February 19, 2021

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