It Chapter Two ★★½

Is "it" It?

You know, I sort of liked this film's predecessor. I was surprised that they were making a new one, but I went for it. At nearly 3 hours long, the film doesn't even begin to get scary for around the first hour or so. Also, our audience was laughing at Pennywise. Um, he's supposed to be scary, so I thought that it was a real fail.

I LOVE flashbacks so much. I felt like it was overly done here, though. There were so many characters. So since every character had to have flashbacks (and some had multiple), it became way overblown. Some were okay, but it just started relying on when they were kids too much. If you're going to set some the sequel 27 years after the last one, then move forward. Do a couple of flashbacks so we get the idea of who's who (they didn't always match up the kids with the adults well, so it was especially confusing in the beginning until I finally got used to it).

It was mainly captivating, but the violence against gays, women, and children made me feel manipulated. Lots of characters are killed in this as well. I also felt that the examples of violence were textbook and it didn't feel real to me.

Great cameo by Stephen King, though.

Vegan alert:
-Someone says "winner, winner, chicken dinner".
-Fortune cookies are prominently featured (egg is often an ingredient)
-There's a taxidermied beaver in the pawn shop
-Richie calls a dog a monster.

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