Kate Plays Christine ★★★½

Kate Lyn Sheil plays Christine Chubbuck, the on-air reporter who inspired one of my favorite films, Network. The problem I have with Christine Chubbuck and any film about her (including Christine starring Rebecca Hall) is that it's just so disturbing. Yes, it's fascinating. I read about her and revisited the material when I saw Christine. My verdict was that Rebecca Hall was amazing, but I could never see it again. Yet here I am again revisiting this material. Sheil plays an actress/detective trying to get at the heart of who Christine was. She does a great job. It's too bad Christine's depression wasn't treated. She seems like she was an amazing person.

Saw it on MUBI. It seems some programmer over there is obsessed with her, because they are also streaming A Wonderful Cloud. I liked her in Brigsby Bear, so will probably check her out.

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