Last Christmas ★★★½

The film opens in 1999 Yugoslavia. That's fine, but considering Yugoslavia split up into 5 different countries in 1992, I felt it was a bit lazy. Later in the film, Kate (Emilia) tells someone she's from the former Yugoslavia. That's great! But she doesn't specify which country. 

Michelle Yeoh plays Santa, Kate's boss. I really enjoy her in everything, so I'm always glad to see her. Sometimes her character was too much (her fawning over a crush got a little cheesy), but she used the subjunctive properly and that always makes me happy. 

It got political at times, bringing up Brexit; any good movie should reflect its time period. It gave an excuse for deeper conversation between Kate and her immigrant parents. Her mother was portrayed by actress and co-writer Emma Thompson. 

How many times did they play the song "Last Christmas"? At least four. It got kind of annoying, since I was already overexposed from seeing the trailer in the theater so many times. 

All in all, it was better than I was expecting and I almost rated it higher. I was just so bummed out at the end of it, though. 

Rating: 6.5/10

Vegan alert:
-Fur coats
-Electrocuted fish 
-Vegan who works at Burger King  
-Kate eats a rank burger
-Sausages at market outdoor

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