Opera ★★★½

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"Good luck, little snake."

I've had Opera on my watchlist for a long time, but have never found the right circumstances to watch it. The Egyptian programmed it and they had an uncut print.

Cristina Marsillach was great as the lead: Betty. She looked a ton like Irène Jacob that I was fascinated throughout the film, convinced that they must somehow be related.

I could see how this highly influenced Paul Verhoeven's Elle. The cinematography from Ronnie Taylor was also gorgeous: especially the pull-away shots with Giulia the costume designer (Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni) trying to repair a dress.

Also, I love Betty's relaxation tape that she listens to. I could definitely use it.

All in all, a delightful watch.

Vegan alert:
-A raven is thrown down
-Betty's agent wears a fur coat
-Lady McBeth's cape is lined with feathers at the top
-Three ravens are killed and we see a man slicing at least one raven
-Feathered pillow
-The director ties a bee to film it

Vegan points:
Betty pets and talks to a lizard.

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