Parasite ★★★½

The lower-right region of a painting is called the 'schizophrenia zone'.

It was an intense rewatch. The film was so expertly crafted that it was almost like a magician explaining his tricks, as I watched the movie play again. A lot of the time, the situations seemed exaggerated to the point of hyperrealism.

The slo-mo scene where the water is being poured on the urinator seemed oddly majestic. In the Q&A, Bong Joon Ho called his cinematographer a "nearly crazy guy".

This time, I was struck by the absolutely shame Mr. Kim (Kang-ho Song) felt after Mr. Park (Park Dong-ik) despised him for his "smell". Just to see Mr. Kim's face really hit home this time. Also Mr. Park took actions to save his family members while leaving Jessica / Ki-jung (So-dam Park) in the proverbial gutter.

It seems Bong took elements of Jordan Peele's Get Out, Luis Buñuel's Ensayo de un crimen/The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, and Claude Chabrol's La Cérémonie and sliced up the elements in a blender, serving a delicious recipe. The scholar's rock wasn't exactly like the music box in the Archibaldo de la Cruz film, but it felt like a certain good luck charm until it didn't.

It got a standing ovation at the WGA theater and I suspect it'll get a whole lot more.

Q&A with Rian Johnson (moderator), Bong Joon Ho (director), Sharon Choi (interpreter)

Vegan alert:
-Mr. Kim flicks a bug.
-The housekeeper offers Mrs. Park honey
-Reference to a chicken plate
-Meat at the buffet
-Ham on pizza
-Mr. Park asks for a recommendation for a place that serves bruised ribs
-Cutting meat with scissors
-Japanese crabsticks for Foo Foo (the dog)
-Mrs. Kim pushes a dog
-Eggs in the fridge
-Ki-jung / Jessica accidentally eats dog jerky treats
-Sirloin is added to the ram-don
-Salmon steaks at the party
-Whole crawfish at the market
-Dog eating meat at the party
-Mr. Kim eats canned salmon.
-Reference to German sausage

Vegan points:
-The housekeeper always serves the children fruit plates
-Mrs. Kim peels veggies

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