Pieces of a Woman ★★

Despite liking director Kornél Mundruczó's White God, there were too many problematic things about this film. Ellen Burstyn plays the mother of Martha (Vanessa Kirby). Despite giving us top tier acting, the character: rich bitch who likes to blame everyone was repulsive and entitled. Vanessa Kirby gives a performance of a lifetime. In the right circumstances, this movie could have propelled her even further.

However, co-star Shia LaBeouf's presence is repulsive from start to finish. In real life, several of LaBeouf's partners have claimed he is abusive. In addition, LaBeouf's character sickening puts his hand on Martha's leg and tries to force her hand on his member, before sticking his hand down her pants. In addition, we are forced to see Shia LaBeouf's penis, of which I wish that no living human being has to endure the sight. La Beouf's character then throws a huge rubber ball at Martha while she is smoking; it smashes into her face. The abuse goes from physical to emotional as he calls her a liar and starts hurling additional insults at her.

The crux of the story is Martha shattered into different pieces with the curve balls life throws at her. It alternates between the joys and pains, but it fleshes Martha out as a real person, complete with her belches and a sink full of dirty dishes. Amazing additional support is provided by Molly Parker.

Coming to Netflix: Thursday, January 7, 2021

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