River of Grass ★★★½

“She's no kid.”

Today, we had a River of Grass watch party. I'm hosting one each Monday at 4 PM PST if you're interested to join us in the future.

I loved the docu-style and the jazz soundtrack. Reading director Kelly Reichardt's bio on IMDb, I could see how much of herself she put into this movie. Her father was a police officer and she grew up in South Florida; the rest is made up from her dreams and imagination.

In terms of plot, it isn't as intricate as other criminals on the run movies, but I feel it doesn't need to be. It is its own thing. There were still several shocking moments throughout the film, even despite its 76 minute runtime. It's interesting to see Reichardt's evolution as a filmmaker; I saw her other films first, of course. Perhaps another filmmaker whose journey feels similar to me is Terrence Malick.

Vegan alert:
-Reference to shooting fish
-Reference to cow being struck by lightning
-Reference to dog getting run over
-Characters try to shoot a bug
-Whole cooked turkey on the counter
-Reference to BBQ'd goat & dog

Vegan points:
-Police officer dad provides for pets of murder victims

-The Art of Self-Defense (May 4)
-Plus One (May 11)

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