Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

-There were likable characters and good appearances by stars old and new.
-The "resistance" seemed to parallel what was going on in the United States with Trump just the teensy-weensiest bit.

-Two or three subplots running like it's a sitcom.
-Some of the dialogue was muddled or rushed and it was hard to understand 100%, especially when they were explaining new concepts or sci-fi ideas (so since it's not based in reality it was hard to grasp what was going on sometimes, especially at first)
-The length: Alfred Hitchcock said that the length of a film should be proportionate to the endurance of the human bladder (let's just say I was running as soon as the credits rolled-TMI?)

-I thought some comedic lines were great and some felt out of place.

Overall, I wasn't as enthused as when I started watching STAR WARS as an adolescent. Did I just grow up? Or did Disney sanitize an exciting franchise? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.

This is the 94th film I've seen with Movie Pass.

Vegan alert:
-Luke Skywalker milks the teat (with his fingers) of this walrus-looking creature (and the milk is green and he drinks it)
-Luke Skywalker goes fishing and the caught fish are shown.
-Some fathiers (space horses) are beaten.
-Chewbacca roasts one of porgs (bird-like creatures) while other porgs look on.

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