The Black Godfather ★★★½


This would be a great companion piece to Quincy. In addition to interviews from Quincy Jones, there are some from Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Barack Obama, Hank Aaron, and Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos.

The documentary follows Clarence Avant. The editing was somewhat puzzling at the beginning, as it featured all sorts of politicians and Avant was in the music business. As the documentary unfolded, we saw that Avant was influential not only in the music business, but in politics as well. It was totally informative and uplifting.

Nicole Avant (Clarence Avant's daughter and Ted Sarandos' wife) is also featured prominently. Just when it was beginning to feel like there was too much of her, the documentary explained her connection to the Clintons/Obamas and how being Clarence's daughter provided opportunities for her. So, just be aware that although this movie is about Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos' father-in-law (and this movie is featured on Netflix), a documentary on Clarence Avant is totally warranted.

Some of the footage seemed thrown together. The content was good, but it left the audience wondering where it was going: not in a suspenseful way. Despite it tidying up any loose ends, I felt the editing could have been way more cohesive. Still, the subject was so good, it made for an entertaining and educational watch.

Vegan alert:
-Clarence Avant talks about being so poor as a child that they had chicken feet soup.
-Reference to BBQing for people