The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★

The Favourite is a lot like The Lobster: great actors with irksome but entertaining dialogue. 

The cinematography by Robbie Ryan was really sloppy. We had tons of shots with a fisheye lens cut with otherwise beautifully shot footage. There was lots of white light coming from the windows; it would have looked better with the curtains drawn in those instances. 

The games that people play in Lanthimos’ royal court remind me of the French movie, Ridicule. It was inspiring to see people fight for survival in the film, but also devastating to see the depravity of humanity that Lanthimos’ films feature so well. 

The film was not for everyone. There were some elderly women in the back row freaking out. I was counting on them to walk out, but they didn’t. 

The costumes were pretty nice, but they were often rubbed in mud and torn apart. 

Vegan alert:
-Lobster races
-Threatening a goose
-Shooting birds
-Venison puffs 
-Beef and cream reference
-Rabbit hurt by a human

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