The Upside ★★★½

This was better than I thought it would be. I usually find remakes inferior. This was to a certain degree, but at least it was mostly a thoughtful remake (of the French film, Intouchables). 

What I didn’t like:
 It followed several erroneous stereotypes regarding African Americans. Kevin Hart’s character was recently released from prison. He’s broke. He’s trying to see his son that he had neglected for many years. He was a former drug dealer. He’s street smart as opposed to book smart. Yadda yadda. 

What I did like:
Several of the situations and one-liners were funny. Most of the acting was good, despite the fact that I do prefer Omar Sy and François Cluzet to Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston. 


Vegan alert:
-Burgers are shown sizzling on the grill in a fast food restaurant. 
-Bryan Cranston’s character orders over 15 hot dogs at a diner. 
-At a fine dining restaurant, some steak and shrimp were shown.

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