Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★½

The biggest problem with Thunder Force is that instead of trying to be its own thing, it's a pale imitation of a superhero movie.

Origin story: check.
Super powers: check.
Cool costumes: check.
Cheesy catchphrase repeated by Lydia Berman (Melissa McCarthy) throughout the film ("Taters!"): check.
Pretty bad '80s metal theme song at the end: check.
Heart, soul, and verve: oops, forgot about that.

Lydia Berman and Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) are best friends from the beginning like Beth Harmon and Jolene in the mini-series The Queen's Gambit (also made by Netflix). However, Emily is hyperbolically smart and Lydia is so idiotic that her character is insulting to even complete morons. When they grow up, Berman's character is a normal person in an extraordinary situation. She stumbles onto Stanton's experiment and the two team up to defeat the underdeveloped antagonists: the Miscreants.

McCarthy's husband wrote and directed this misfire. Because his wife is funny and talented, it's easy to imagine this film got greenlit a lot easier than would be humanly possible otherwise. Though it's seemingly female-led, there's a man pulling the strings and dictating the dialogue, which may ultimately be why this girls in a man's world film doesn't quite work.

Take heart, though: it was worth watching to catch a glimpse of Berman and Stanton's cool purple Lamborghini.

Vegan points:
Emily goes off dairy for a treatment

Vegan alert:
-Reference to goose meat
-Lydia is fed raw chicken often
-Waiter recommends lots of seafood
-Bestiality between The Crab and a human character

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