Under the Silver Lake ★★★

“Pretty late in the summer for fireworks, isn't it?”

This is neo-noir about a paranoiac who's looking for some validation. Along the way, Sam (Andrew Garfield) stumbles into a world that wants to be Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye and David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. simultaneously. I was really bracing myself for the worst as I had heard a ton of negative things about it. The worst thing about it is that it offers nothing new. It pokes fun at hipsters, aspiring stars, and gives us a dark side of Hollywood that really none of us asked for.

One of my pet peeves is women barking like dogs (especially in theater). However, it didn't seem to bother me that much. The sad thing is that when this was labeled sexist, I thought they meant more than usual. There are escorts, topless women, and women being treated as victims, but it's really no worse than most of the other movies out there.

For anyone who lives in or near Los Angeles, they might get a kick at seeing familiar places. The Silver Lake Intelligentsia coffee shop is featured as well as The Last Bookstore downtown.

However, I think the question everyone wants to know is would Riley Keough even be cast as an actress if she weren't Elvis Presley's granddaughter? And my answer is... maybe.

A current news story sets the time in 2011, but a girl talks about how Dick Clark is dead (he died in 2012).

Vegan alert:
-There's a dog killer on the loose
-A squirrel falls splat from the sky
-Reference to a billionaire who goes missing after fishing trip
-Reference to a dead dog found in a purse
-Reference to hamburgers
-Andrew Garfield shoves eggs in the faces of prankster kids
-Andrew Garfield hides among milk products
-Shooting Star #1 (India Menuez) wears an animal print bathing suit + later she wears a fur coat (making her look like mia farrow)
-Reference to a dalmatian fur bathing suit
-The songwriter references an omelet
-A billboard says "Hamburgers are love"

Vegan points:
There was also a Milkadamia product placement

11/7/14 I saw It Follows with a Q&A at AFI. Pretty sure the director of this movie was there.

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