• Messiah



    Great images to accompany Handel’s Messiah. Also lots of different locations including Detroit, California, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, and NYC. 

    Vegan alert:
    -A sign for hot corned beef and pastrami with accompanying drawings
    -Arby’s exterior featured 
    -Nacho residue 
    -Raw chicken and other meats on display in a wagon 
    -Creamy desserts and cakes

  • Hollywood, California: A Loser's Opera

    Hollywood, California: A Loser's Opera


    They were not losers. They were Hollywood hopefuls. One girl could really sing. Several were pretty or had charisma, but you've never heard of them. It's sad, but interesting.

    Vegan alert:
    -Meat store (exterior)
    -Diner with eggs and butter

    Anthology Film Archives

  • Undefeated



    Inspiring and Oscar-winning documentary about students from Memphis who played football. All in all, it was pretty good.

  • Halston


    Ewan McGregor's portrayal of Halston felt so forced. He is a good actor in theory. Sometimes I saw him trying to act the heck out of the role. Above anything else, I just felt he just the wrong choice for it (side note: he has played gay before, see: I Love You Phillip Morris).

    Krysta Rodriguez was pretty decent as Liza Minnelli, singing and dancing wildly and bearing resemblance to the actress as well.

    While I preferred the documentary, the…

  • The Frozen Ground

    The Frozen Ground

    Horrible movie.

    Trigger warning: murder, kidnapping, and rape of women.

    Vegan alert:
    -Lots of reference to animal heads

    Vegan points:
    -Dogs are credited (Lucy, Kili, Kaya)
    -No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

    Watched on: Netflix

  • Yella



    Vegan alert:
    Dr. Schmidt-Ott (Michael Wittenborn) asks for a pigskin portfolio
    -Dr. Schmidt-Ott asks if Yella has ever had oysters (Nina Hoss) in the morning and seeks to find a place to eat them

    Watched on: Kanopy

  • The Valet

    The Valet


    The original is a classic in my book. I attended a Q&A with the director of the original movie over 10 years ago and the rights had already been bought. However, it took a long time to make it. Loving the original and Samara Weaving, I decided to see it. It's okay, but doesn't have the pizzazz of the original.

    Vegan alert:
    -Olivia (Samara Weaving) serves a cheeseburger and a turkey sandwich as a waitress
    -Guy orders a burger
    -Bacon egg and cheese (someone makes carnitas)
    -Snackin' Bacon
    -Reference to cheesy beef Subway sandwich

    Vegan points:
    Olivia asks for almond milk

  • Born to Win

    Born to Win

    "It's a gift."

    I seriously considered not continuing with this film when I was halfway through it, but I somehow finished it. The ending is weird. Women are pretty much blown off and the lead character is given a free ride with no consequences. It would have been annoying, but it was just weird, like, okay, that's really what happened?

  • Empire


    I celebrated Andy Warhol's birthday weekend by going to Anthology Film Archives where they played some of his longer films. The first one I saw was on Saturday (Sleep) which fell on Andy's birthday.

    I had seen clips of Empire before at the Andy Warhol Museum, but never the full eight hours. Now that I have seen it, I feel it would have been great to have seen this at 8x speed, because literally nothing happens except for the light…

  • Sleep


    I got to see this in the theater. I had previously only seen clips from it at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.  

    There were lots of different angles and shots. Sometimes the subject John Giorno was really breathing or dreaming, but mainly I kept myself entertained with my own thoughts.  

    Someone brought their young child (approx. 3 years old) and they made it until the reel change. No one got upset that the kid kept talking to…

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    “Nobody likes you!!! Nobody likes you!!!!”

    This movie felt like a bunch of people went, “hey! Why don’t we make a movie” without putting a super ton of thought into it. 

    It was shot well. The actors were decent, including a standout performance from Rachel Sennott. The movie was so self-aware: characters regret they didn’t film something; meanwhile it really was filmed and the audience actually got to see it—LOL! 🙄

    Some mystery is set up, but none of the…

  • Extraction


    This is exactly the kind of movie I hate and think is a complete waste. Is this really what people want? I turned it off at least twice over the last 2-3 weeks, thinking I'd never come back to it. Netflix's selection is so poor and so dire that this was pretty much all I had left. So I decided to watch it through the end. I hate gunfire and fighting, so this was just nails on a chalkboard to…