Fateful Findings ½

Somehow in my two years of extensive film watching, I had not heard of this movie until I came across Drew's amazing list: The Most Controversial Films on Letterboxd.

Insanely insane, and always keeping you on your toes. Staring the master Breen himself, and an aged Jamie-Lynn Sigler from 2025, who time traveled back just to star in this train wreck.

After an accident, watch as Breen tries to put the pieces of his life back together. This includes destroying the lives of every woman and laptop that crosses his path. Did I mention this takes place in a parallel universe where all characters end up compulsively spilling:

- Wine on a leather couch
- A salad all over a desk
- Coffee all over a laptop
- Chicken wings on a patio
- Whiskey on a husband
- Vodka in bed

Here’s the thing. You can watch the movie from start to finish, or just skip back and forth through it. You'll understand just as much of the movie doing either.

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