Blindspotting ★★★★½

Officer Molina: I didn't mean to.
Miles: Are you sure?

Bold, ambitious and about as brazen with its balls as any film I've seen in a while, Estrada's sophomore effort gives us side by side opposite looks at what racially defines Oakland during its opening shots and proceeds to give us that view of opposites through the eyes of our main characters over the course of the entire film.

What are we looking at though? What do we see as an audience? How do we see these two? Why does that matter?
Uncomfortable questions always require uncomfortable answers. And while I do wish there could've been a bit more showing instead of telling here, giving us more ambiguity and less simplifying of what we're seeing, sometimes you just need to be beat over the head with something as important as this since we've only been dealing with racism, appropriation, stereotyping/profiling, gentrification, etc for as long as forever.

🚔 Hot Take 🚔
This whole film, but most especially the courtroom dream scene, gave me all the Spike Lee vibes 🖤

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