Dangerous Liaisons ★★★★

All three leads are really strong while Uma Thurman feels a bit awkward and Keanu Reeves sticks out like a Nun in a bar. Glenn Close feels like the matriarch here, and orchestrator of evil, per se. John Malkovich certainly comes on strong, but he is nothing short of magnificent. He is the utmost of womanizers, a conniving sob who only finds pleasure when a woman sacrifices her soul, not just her body. He's an actor who, most of the time, comes on strong, there is so much going on with him in a performance that it's almost too much for me to take. Michelle Pfeiffer is most impressive in showing a woman who is steely and reserved and yet you can see the ticking machinations of her character so clearly (truly one of her better performances!). What is the best part of the movie though is the attention to detail involved with the costumes and set design. These two things truly make the film.