Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ

"You guys, the truth is way more depressing. They are not even smart enough to be as evil as you're giving them credit for."

Though I'm very curious to know how this might have played in a non-pandemic world that would've possibly been more accepting of this wildly unhinged conceit, there's no question McKay's brand of ๐Ÿค”satire๐Ÿค” is as unique as it is interminably exhausting.

While it seems that I liked this a slight bit better than some on here, I can't help but feel this a waste of everybody's time, those both on the screen and those watching the screen, as it is just one big colorful 4k "fuck you, we're fucked". Give me McKay's more on-point, stylized approach with The Big Short any day.

Oh, also, that Jonah Hill post-credits scene though *ooof*

"What' up, y'all? I'm the last man on Earth. Shit's all fucked up. Don't forget to like and subscribe. We out here."

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