Friends with Kids ★★★

It's the kind of film I want to like more simply because I can tell time and energy went into a script like this. Westfeldt sees a topic for her generation, takes a diversion with it, and uses it nicely in broad strokes. But, at the same time, there's something inherently dislikable about it, maybe it's the "white people problems" thing. Somehow it all makes it a little less worth it emotionally for me for these characters, when they appear to have this much money and look this good. But, what I do like here is how she paints the picture of these three different couples together as friends, not painting their pictures in relation to their kids, but how they're connected to each other and the basis for each relationship (whether she really focuses on them or not). The stand out scene is ski trip dinner table with sharp dialogue, pauses and the best moments from each cast member.