Metropolis ★★★★★

No question this is one of the most influential films ever made. To look at the science-fiction genre is to see many who have tried to master what it did so well in 1927. The scope and ambition of Fritz Lang's film brings to mind the kind of production values that D.W. Griffith brought with Intolerance 11 years earlier. It's just as impressive, but this film is a whole lot more entertaining. I never saw the original film and have only seen this newly restored one, but I would imagine the added scenes make the viewing experience flow a whole lot better than many scenes that had to be described in the previous one. It's filled with action, drama, romance all within its science fiction confines and moves with a taught pace for its two and half hours. Some of the imagery is simply breathtaking, moving. I found myself on the edge of my seat and not many films can do this honestly. Simply put: the story is an exciting one, with deep themes and characters you care about though you never hear a word they say. It is magnificently handled by Lang who stands with this, M, and a host of other films as one of the great visionaries of the medium of film. He saw what it could be and tried his best to match that when it was very much in its infancy.