Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day ★★★½

Represents the perfect spring release film: Not too great, but not crap like the rest. It's the acting that stands out as McDormand again is fantastic, delivering not necessarily a knock-out performance, but a nuanced one she seems to be known for time and time again. Adams is, also, very good, but I can't help but think that she's starting use one basic outline for her characters. Still, she does a great job of making this character likable, which any other young actress would've made her a complete narcissus and completely unlikable.
Everything else holds its weight. The script is crisp, but lightweight, not a whole lot to grab on to. The direction is nice; it never lets you get bored with the screen's visuals and the music really keeps things at a feel-good pace. The set design and direction is wonderful in the club scenes at the end, and the costumes are spot on, a real focal point of the film.