Spaceship Earth ★★★½

Equal parts bizarre, frustrating and intriguing, Matt Wolf's eco-tale of a documentary, Spaceship Earth, unearths the Biosphere 2 project from the ash heap of news' past. But, what's the purpose? Is it a cautionary tale of business vs science? An ecological lesson of sorts? A pure character study? We can't be sure because Wolf crams so much into two hours, it's easy to see where the gaps in storytelling are, including leaving out the second round of biospherians altogether and just scattered bits and pieces that lead to a kind of rushed and slight end of the Biosphere story, that're not surprising considering the copious amounts of information at hand.

It is not difficult to see the importance of a film like this in 2020, and even more amazing to to see it released to streaming during a global pandemic that has caused the world to stop essentially and our ecosystem to, in a way, heal itself. This fable of sorts shows us possibilities within our fallible human qualities that hope lies outside of us, but as always, we seem to interfere with our own progress, whether it be by corporate corruption, man made systems, or just simply personality differences that keep the best for us at arm's length.

🔥 Hot Take 🔥
I did not like virtually any of these people and wouldn't have wanted to be stuck anywhere with them for any length of time.