Withnail & I ★★★★½

I can say that I don't think I got everything there is to get about this film for a first viewing. What I can say though is that it's brilliantly written and makes with its way through the chaotically mundane with a Hunter S. Thompson heroin-like energy that makes everything glow with as the film moves from scene to scene. Every single line feels quotable amidst the drinking and the more drinking. Every moment, the more I think about it, feels epic. To me, the way it is about sort of nothing, except maybe friendship, makes it real life-like, and thus, strangely, has a depth to it that doesn't feel manufactured by plot points. Richard E. Grant's performance is one of those no holes barred showmanship type roles, except he's not just putting on a mask of acting here, like some actors would when presented with this kind of role. He's full-on raging lunatic at one moment, then in subdued squalor the next, and there's never a moment where you see behind it all. It is him, and he's painfully hilarious throughout.

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