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  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    Science fiction will always be our greatest asset in communicating the deficiencies of the human race.

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    My gosh, what the hell is this? And yet, it's the most brilliant post-modern piece of pulp that's been created. I think Franco sold his soul for this one. Here's to many more Harmony!

  • Moonlight



    There are films and then there are films that sear into your soul. A soul-baring feat of writing, acting, and directing.

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    A seminal horror film that has its ever-fixed mark upon dread and attention to detail.

  • The Expendables 3

    The Expendables 3


    Gibson tries to save it from being shitty by having some fun, but it's to no avail.

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    "There's beauty in the breakdown"

    I think there's also beauty in not having all the answers. And director/writer Trey Shultz doesn't give us a single one here. So many open-ended question we're left with: the plague itself and what it is exactly, how the grandfather got sick in the first place, the son's drawings, how the red door was opened to the dog, if the son's dreams were symptoms of his sickness all along, etc, etc, etc. I think that's…

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    Gosh, I can't believe we finally have a good Spider-man film. Yes, it hits all the story tics of a usual superhero/Marvel film, and yes, that still bugged the hell of out me, it manages to be so damn funny and entertaining that it made me forget about that for the most part. I've long since grown tired of the superhero glut, but this managed to charm the pants right off of me.

  • Dunkirk



    What I appreciate most about Christopher Nolan's filmmaking drive in the age of the binge-watcher, is that he's still wanting to craft a film that can only be experienced in the theater. (This film won't have half the effect is does on a smaller screen.) He won't surrender to Netflix. Furious, lean, & explosive, Nolan's craft, as always, is stunning to behold. The opening scene is a classic. And the rest, well, it is too. His use of IMAX opens everything…

  • The Expendables 2

    The Expendables 2


    Van Damme's plastic surgery distracted me way too much.

  • The Expendables

    The Expendables


    Bruce Willis and his "fuck"ery

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    How on earth did I manage to live 31 years without this in my life? What an oddball masterpiece. What an autobiographical heroin-infused fever dream. It's about music, song and dance, the passions that drive you, art, love, it's about life, death, and all the women in between before your Angel of Death greets you with open arms. It's truly amazing that even though it's beloved as it is, I feel it sits within that subset of films that is…

  • Raw



    Sometimes, the key to a good horror film is to make it look beautiful. This is damn beautiful... And the hairball and the eye licking are far worse than any of the meat eating moments. Plus, the (if you didn't manage to see it coming) ending manages to leave quite a stone in the stomach long after the credits finish.