Favorite films

  • The Tree of Life
  • Before Sunrise
  • Paris, Texas
  • Three Colors: Red

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  • Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War


  • A Field in England


  • Blade Runner: Black Out 2022


  • 2048: Nowhere to Run


Recent reviews

  • The Only Living Boy in New York

    The Only Living Boy in New York

    Smug culture vultures, in denial, drowning in ennui. But not at all satirical; as lacking in self-awareness as its characters. Awful

  • SPF-18


    "How dare they try and turn this guy into a knock-off Justin Bieber? Clearly he should be trying to be a knock-off Ed Sheeran, pssh"

    Also "You know your way around a camera, you're pretty much a director already," is an excellent self-own

Popular reviews

  • The Central Park Five

    The Central Park Five


    Oh what it would be to live in a world where this is unthinkable.

    "I want us to remember what happened that day, and be horrified by ourselves, because it really is a mirror on our society. And rather than tying it up in a bow and thinking that there was something we can take away from it, and we'll be better people... I think what we need to realise is we're not very good people. And we're often not."

  • Like Crazy

    Like Crazy


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Was pretty stunned by the news today. The moment I read it I thought back to this little gem, which has always been my favourite work of his; a quiet, tender, and, most importantly, naive romance.

    Young British writer Anna (Jones) delivers an essay in class at her LA college, where Jacob (Yelchin), a budding furniture designer, is her TA. Having caught her eye, she leaves him a scrawled note that's at once heartfelt and half-formed, full of adolescent poetry…