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  • Arrival



    And Villeneuve has created a timeless story. There are third act shenanigans which will likely be the deal breaker on whether people love this film or don’t, but the sheer craftsmanship that goes into the first two shouldn’t be overlooked. He created an emotional alien movie, where while the aliens arrive on our doorstep, it’s up to humans to make the first step, to put aside their weapons of war and reach out with the simplest, yet mightiest tool in…

  • Carol



    At nearly two hours, “Carol” never feels its length – an entire film of the two characters in Carol’s car, talking about their lives and interest, would have been as riveting. Haynes has taken a very simple story on paper (aside from the politics of the time, but that’s been done) and made it into something universally captivating. He understands what makes a good, evocative romance, what makes an audience feel the emotions the characters are dealing with and working…