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This review may contain spoilers.

What happened?

I didn't wanna look at it anymore.

I love this movie so damn much. I took my mom with me for my second viewing, and I was so nervous to see how she would like it...SHE LOVED IT SO MUCH, and she is helping me run Toni Collette's Oscar campaign. 

I was way more scared this time around for some reason. I could not sit still. I tried to focus on the little bits of foreshadowing that I might have missed the first time around, and I walked out with a stronger appreciation for the brilliant script.

A small moment I really loved happens after Annie destroys all of her miniatures. Her husband walks in to find all the creations destroyed. All of the replicas of moments of their lives - destroyed. He asks Annie what happened to it all, and she says, "I didn't wanna look at it anymore." The miniatures represent the very little agency she has over her own life. Since her mother is in control, Annie can't make her own path in her life, so the next best thing is to recreate everything that has happened to her - by herself. And when she's finally fed up with her life that she can’t lead, she destroys it all. She was so done with living a life that she had no control over. “I didn't wanna look at it anymore.” She wanted to escape it all. I wanted to escape the theater throughout the whole thing. I mean that in the best way possible. 

Ann Down will never fail to make me laugh/cry in this, and she is so perfect in her role. Alex Wolff is just extraordinary and I really hope he gets cast in heavier roles like this one. And yes, I'm not going to finish my review of this movie without saying how amazing Toni IS. One of the most underrated scenes of hers is when she is begging her husband to throw Charlie's notebook in the fire, which she thinks would kill her. Both times, I had tears in my eyes while watching her plead and plead and plead. It's incredible. I love this movie. I hate this movie. It's so damn good.

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