We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★★½

I know this is only my second Lynne Ramsay film (my first was her newest one), but I just really want to claim her as one of my favorite directors already. She utilizes visuals to tell her stories with such precision, and it amazes me. I felt like this movie was so quiet, but when I think about the subject matter, how could it be? That contrast is the scariest of all.

The symbolism is so strong, and I always appreciate that.

There were SO SO SO many moments I absolutely loved in this. One, was early on, when Eva was pushing her baby in a stroller in attempt to stop his crying. She finds a brief moment of peace while standing NEXT TO A JACKHAMMER. Ugh I just LOVE HOW LYNNE RAMSAY TELLS A STORY. I love the structure and how the story seamlessly jumps from the past to the future, with little bits here and there, and similarities spread throughout. The music compliments everything perfectly. I have a feeling this will be a film that, with each rewatch, I will feel the need to write about it more.

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