2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★

That had to be one of the most infuriating movie watching experiences with my 23 year old brother ever...
- He genuinely thought it was made in 2001 and refused something of this quality could be made in 1968. 
- Said it looks too much like Alien. 
- Asked me why I’m watching the 2001 remake and not the 1968 version... (I couldn’t stop laughing at this)
- Than he wouldn’t stop complaining about how dramatic the score is and said it wasn’t needed.
- Asked me to skip the intermission... 
- Whinged that none of it made sense. 
- His final words were “how does anyone find this enjoyable?” 
In conclusion my brother is an uncultured swine that can’t appreciate cinema.

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