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Bagel enthusiast with love of mix cds, John Goodman, a well made Gimlet, and superlatives

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  • I Am Not Your Negro

    I Am Not Your Negro

    I think this was a very superficial attempt to talk about Racism in America. Despite the handful of meaningful interviews that Baldwin gives, this documentary is just a montage of intense images with little context to explain their importance. Those that understand the significance of the topics at hand will find this film a bit shallow, and those that do not understand the significance will leave feeling only upset about the history of terrible things that have previously happened without being educated about how relevant those happenings still are today.

  • Alien³


    My review for this would just be the smiley face that has xs for eyes.

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  • Tusk



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I read reviews for TUSK before I saw it and that just made me more excited and probably actually made me enjoy the movie more - which is a rare occurrence. Every review basically said - this movie is terrible and awesome. The plot is so outlandish and ridiculous I couldn't help myself. Its really just even hard to put any feelings about this movie to words but I'll try.
    This movie is clearly a dark comedy. There are obviously…

  • Interstellar


    I had heard a lot of mixed things about Interstellar going in, but I really tend to favor Nolan as a director. After DKR and Inception (which I didn't care for :/) I started approaching Nolan cautiously while just keeping in mind that he has made a few of my favorite films. Overall I thought Interstellar was great. There were just a few cliché moments that bothered me, but nothing too substantial - and even at almost 3 hours, I was engaged for the entirety of the movie.