Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★★

Thank GOODNESS this did not disappoint!!! 

This film is almost on par with the first film. There are 3 key differences:

For the good, the story was a definite improvement.
 I really enjoyed the connection between Borat and his daughter and the overarching plot with Borat and the Kazakhstan government, which was hilarious. The plot does jump around maybe a little too often tho.
 I still stand by my belief that, for a comedy movie, good humor beats a good plot any day, but a good plot is not rejected. The first film has a weaker plot, yes, but is the plot really the main focus? And the first film is WAY funnier imo, so I overall give 0 shits about the plot lmao. In this film, I feel the Borat and daughter plot definitely felt important and was actually really good. So, while the humor isn’t as good (more on that later), the plot brings this film up a bit. 

For the bad, the humor and characters were a downgrade. 
The humor never really reached the heights of the first film for me, apart from a handful of scenes. It mainly has to do with the characters and the interactions. For a comedy, bad characters = bad comedy, 9 times out of 10. Not saying this movie has bad characters tho (more on that in a sec), but the characters weren’t amazing either. And the interactions overall were pretty funny and served their purpose of exposing some asses, but some just left me disappointed. 
Now, before I say anything more about worse characters, Borat was still amazing in this film. While we sadly don’t get to see him every single second in this film unlike the previous film, he is still very funny. I have issues with the side characters tho. In Borat 1, you had the producer and the prostitute, both of whom were HILARIOUS. In this film, you have Borat’s daughter...who is not all that hilarious. She does a really good job at furthering the plot and definitely has her moments here and there though. I just found a lot of the comedy that came from her to be a little too forced and even gross (I don’t really wanna see period blood man, but maybe that’s just cause I’m a dude). I still like her though

So overall a great success!

Also, there are a good handful of wholesome scenes in this film (such as Janice and the two redneck guys) and they are SO good! They honestly bring the full up for me. Seeing Borat not interact with an ass is nice once and a while

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