Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★

deleted previous review, cause I dropped my gf off and then thought about this film so more, and here’s what I got

This film is good mkay. Let me get that out of the way. The central romance is good and interesting enough. The setting and aesthetic are AMAZING. The soundtrack is awesome. And most of the characters are good

I say most characters. Elio is so damn bland. “But he’s played by my baby Tim🥺🥺” shut your ass up; he’s bland. I can care less if he is played by the white girl god or by some ugly ass troll. The actor doesn’t matter when the character sucks. This is coming from a male by the way, not a teenage white girl 

What really holds this film back for me is the pacing. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn’t. It’s just characters shooting the bull, and most of the time it isn’t too interesting bull. This is mainly a personal problem though; I like when shit happens

This film is also just weird. A. Pedophile romance. B. Elio just decides to gain personality every now and then but it is so stupid and cringy, like when he tries to jump up on Oliver (is he trying to land on his dick or something?). C. Do I even gotta mention that damn peaches scene 
Their romance is just so odd and gross. Again, this is more personal lmao

Like I said, it’s good, and I can understand the hype, but for me, this film is just boring gay shit. Nothing wrong with gay shit, but I really would prefer not to watch it personally. 
More specifically... I don’t care about guys being in love, but I could have gone my WHOLE life without seeing Armie and Tim fuck

Oh and the dad looks like an off brand Robin Williams

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