The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★

Considering the ass rep this film as, I was kind of impressed.
Considering how amazing the last two films were, I was kind of disappointed. 

The story was really disinteresting overall. The “gangsta” side of the story was very clunky and bland, but whenever Pacino or his ex-wife in the movie is on the screen, it is golden.

The characters were alright. I really like how Michael was struggling with his past and was conflicting with his ex-wife. Him conflicting with his kids was kind of just meh. It was understood in the first movie, because it was dealing with the “family company,” which was still bloody at the time, but here it was about incest and singing. The acting is also way off for some of these goobers.

The writing is a downgrade too. Like bro they got incest in here

So overall, I have the same opinions here as I do for Indiana Jones 4. Does it deserve all the hate? Sort of. Does it deserve love? Sort of.

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