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  • Phallus: The Man

    Phallus: The Man


    sono you always give us such gifts

    well worth all the effort and 1510 yen I put into obtaining this!!!

  • The Perfection

    The Perfection

    goofy watered down park chan-wook but I WAS DELIGHTED

    logan browning and allison williams...😘

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  • Mandy



    hooptober 5.0 #2

    movies that do not feel the need to be constrained by reality are my FAVORITES. the music and the lighting were intoxicating!!! so many images from this are never going to leave my head and I love it. the overall aesthetic was fucking delicious. I feel like I could watch hours and hours of andrea riseborough and nicolas cage being weirdos who live in the woods and love each other SO much. watching nicolas cage get progressively…

  • Antiporno



    I could not tell you what just happened but the colors were amazing and my girl ami tomite was on fire