Special Silencers

Special Silencers ★★★★★

If you enjoy any of the Mondo Macabro IndoSchlock releases they put out, finding these hidden gems is well worth it.

An evil madman wants to take over an entire village, and he uses mystical red pills to kill whoever...Which will you'll die a horrible painful death by having a tree burst through your stomach (Like WTF)

It's up to Barry Prima to fight through all the corruption!!

And it just goes off the rails!

Barry Prima (The Warrior, The Devil's Sword) and Eva Arnaz (The Warrior) were just great as the leads, their chemistry on-screen is just charming and it really is one of a kind.

W.D. Mochtar (The Warrior, Mystics in Bali) always plays the greatest villains and greatest sorcerers in every film I see him in. He's got the greatest bad guy laugh!

Loads of impressive martial arts, and some goofy comedy in some of the most random places!

This movie had a really weird pace and I love it FOR THAT!!

It's so ridiculously gory, I was blown away of how violent it is, it does not f*ck around!!! The special effects were low budget, but holy crap was it effective!!

Definitely checking out more low-key IndoSchlock!!