Titane ★★★★

Definitely a step up from Raw! Like Malignant there are a ton of movies that this is obviously quoting but to name-drop would do Titane a disservice. It's prowess comes from its rearrangement of existing body genre beats and subsequent galvanization of a new Frankenstein for the age of pharmacopornographic identity production. This is how modern horror movies should succeed if they fail to find an original conceit.

On more material note, I was really taken by some of the handheld shooting, especially in the more frenetic first half. Having the camera dance alongside the captivating Rouselle was a great choice, and recalls the matter-of-fact intimacy of the New Extreme. Though ultimately a fun watch, the overactive color and music felt a bit distracting, and the editing sometimes suffers from an excess of cuts over long takes in otherwise simple sequences (just not a fan of this look).