Seduction: Three Tales from the 'Inner Sanctum' ★★★

HER: i'm fixing scampi tonight but the recipe is for two

HIM: i had scampi last night

HER: not the way i make it

(dramatic zoom in on faces, music swells, commercial break)

murder & past lives & victorian prostitution & double crosses & gangsters on tv, want ur soul want ur body thru the door. won't u come with me? won't u? won't u come to my twilight zone highlight reel right night to fite the fire zone that starts in the ephemeral doom space. yes, this movie has dark dank doom spaces & nobody ever leaves. victoria principal trying to be the teen dream for bad boys period specific lesbians & 1992's premiere TV execs but ends up being this movies crazy fat ethel meets an x-files villain who would definetly move in across the hall from scully & exchange suspicious longing until she consumes the message board man, morphs into his abusive wife & realises it all links back to 16th century ripper trauma a little boy was seduced by

surprise visitor
going down?
tragedy strikes
computer affair
love on the move

at least you have the interactive to ask lady principal whether you could be next to decide the fate in the inner sanctum. needs a cryptkeeper cameo tho