Imaginur ★★★½

It's pretty apparent how this film resembles Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind through its exploration of memory and relationship by means of the strange headgear device. By its own merit, I think it did a pretty well (not perfect) representation of the heaviness that one would feel to be left empty without the core that makes us human — memory.
Who are we without all these memories? Although the script might be clunky in some parts, I adore how it strongly made the statement that feelings/emotions can be as real as any facts you remember. The film really stands strong on its visceral experience. It has so much potential to go beyond than this tbh. One might argue that it leans too much on the safe territory and being emotionally manipulative. Personally, I really think the subject was brought with honesty thus it works for me.
And oh God, ngl I actually cried so yeaah

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