Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

“I killed them”
The movie confuses itself with being an homage to the campy Adam west era or if it is a darker movie with an heavier tone and sometimes it actually works those flashbacks are awesome, the scene were Bruce is quitting being batman is awesome and when he is telling chase who he really is it actually got me off guard by being far far better than I anticipated but when it turns to goofy things it looses all the momentum and begins to be a shore to get trough.
Val Kilmer could be a really good Batman, his voice is the second best one between all of the actor who portrayed Batman on screen the best one being Ben affleck, but unfortunately he never really is as good as he could be.
The movie is also really pretty, that batmobile is weirdly fascinating and the last suit is not that bad even.
I think the movie was supposed to be darker but the studio got in the way and we got what we got, but I’m not sure, if it’s exists a different cut of this movie I would love to watch it.
“Tell me... your deppest...darkest...fears”