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  • All the Old Knives

    All the Old Knives


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    1. This is a bad movie. Not terrible, but definitely on the cusp. The story is good, and there is great chemistry between the leads, but it's just sooooooo slow. It could have been, at least, a 3 star movie, if it picked up the pace (at literally any moment - I just waited and waited for it to come alive and it never does), and had some snappier dialogue.
    2. This is another movie that lays out the twist…

  • Master



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    1. This is actually very different than I was expecting - I thought it would be more about slavery, which it is definitely referencing with this allegorical storytelling. And the allegories are very obvious with lines like "it will follow you" and "it's not supernatural, it's America", but ultimately it does do something very different with its core theme - in that it shows the internalizations of institutionalized racism (by literally setting it in a college, again...it's very obvious).

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  • His House

    His House


    1. Ok, so I read SO MANY good things about this movie...and I...don't get it. I like the plot and the original idea behind it A LOT (asylum seekers move into a house that has supernatural qualities), but the actual movie is really average. There's a lot of allegorical images, and has interesting themes of survival and sacrifice, cultural identities vs assimilation, etc., but like I've said many times - supernatural horror just never does anything for me.
    2. I…

  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11


    1. Documentaries are always so boring. And I keep getting tricked into watching them, by people saying "NOOO you have to watch this...it's SO good". No, it's a fucking boring documentary.
    2. I'm half-kidding, because obviously it's good. But for someone who doesn't like docs, it's just never going to be something that interests me.
    3. And honestly, I've seen this story so many times, so it's not like I learned anything new just because they had all this "never…