Room ★★★★½

Room is the story of a single mom (Brie Larson) who lives in a small room with her son (Jacob Tremblay) and is struggling to raise the kid. The room is cramped and old, and she has a hard time putting food on the table to the point that she cannot even afford candles for the the kid's birthday cake.

As the movie progresses, more complex and difficult aspects of their lives are presented to the audience. The kid has never left the room and TV is his only outlet to the outside world. He does not believe anything in TV exists in the real world. His mom and his room are all he knows and all he wants.

The movie ultimately turns into a story about facing reality and accepting its harsh consequences. It becomes about opening your mind to new things even if they are inconvenient and hard to accept, even if they go against your intuition and beliefs.

As the kid is struggling to accept the outside world, the mom does whatever she can to keep him safe and happy. But the mom starts to doubt her decisions and actions, too. She realizes that she was not necessarily the best mom and she could have done things differently.

Director Lenny Abrahamson knows how to show the full range of emotions to the audience. "Room", as well as his previous work "Frank", gives you hope, sorrow, joy, courage, fear, and everything in between.

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