• Far from the Tree

    Far from the Tree


    Sighhh this made me feel all the feels. Had me reflecting on family, death, the heart wrenching cycle of life, and the hope that new life AKA babies give us. It is inspiring to see families love their children throughout so many difficulties. Because ultimately love can be very simple. It's that world that's complicated.

  • Vita & Virginia

    Vita & Virginia


    I really enjoyed the performance by the two leads, particularly Elizabeth Debicki as Virginia Woolfe. Entrancing. I love how Virginia's Woolfe's words were so generously used throughout the script.

    As a movie itself it doesn't have much going for it besides the acting and Virginia's words. Wasnt too fond of the soundtrack.

  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation

    yeah this movie was bad.
    Claiming to be feminist while yet still strongly reeking of the male gaze, mediocre acting by the supporting cast, and just terrible terrible writing. Like, did anyone read over Sam Levinson's script before he made this into a movie? Cause I can sure tell you that if he brought it into any screenwriting class they would have thrown it right out for how ON THE FUCKING NOSE this movie is.
    Levinson obviously wanted to…

  • Flower



    I am obsessed with Zoey Deutch and no one can tell me anything different. I also thought the relationship with the step-brother was endearing and cute in a word way?? But I think that has more to do with Zoey Deutch's acting than anything else.

  • Buffaloed



    God i love Zoey Deutch in this. She brings just enough humor and charm for me to get through this movie. Not that I disliked this movie, but there was definitely a point where all the imprisonment and debt collecting was depressing me and making me want to watch something else. But overall I enjoyed the writing and the writers. Feels very much like female written/directed film which i am all about.


    Jermaine Fowler is so dorkishly adorable in this movie, dear god.

  • Cruel Intentions

    Cruel Intentions


    A fun salacious movie. I enjoy the various entanglements of the movie and the cutthroat deception of the step-siblings, but it's almost like the didn't go far enough for me. I found it kind've lame when the guy fell for Reese Witherspoon's character and when Sarah Michelle Geller's character gets ousted in the end.

    Also usually I roll my eyes at queer baiting but. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. If anything, there wasn't enough of her kissing girls. More Sarah Michelle Gellar!!

  • Their Finest

    Their Finest


    This movie in it's slow-paced British charm soothed me on a rainy Monday morning. There wasn't anything particularly grandiose about the movie but it delivered on what it meant to. The seaside Devon scenes were especially enjoyable. However, I do take issue with Ellis's rather abrupt death. It felt entirely contrived and thrown in there to get the plot somewhere specific. I agree, Catherine does not need a man, but dang why you gotta do her dirty like that? She…

  • Chasing Amy

    Chasing Amy


    too much a product of its time for me to actually enjoy it but there was some good writing in there, viewable if you squint past the 90s humor.

  • Oasis



    An excellent film, showcasing some of the best parts of Korean cinema. Director Lee Chang Dong is unafraid to the delve into the more "unsavory" parts of society, unafraid of leveling a steady unflinching gaze at members of society that make us uncomfortable or who we'd just rather not think about. Wonderfully done overall but there are parts that I have issue with. One, the fact that the protagonists meet as he RAPES her. How is she ok with having…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    A different type of space movie which I appreciated. the visuals, the framing, the cinematography in general I love, especially considering the time it was created.

  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    Visually stunning. Kinda lost my interest by the end but yeah it's a great movie.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Heart aching type of movie. I am in love with the authenticity of it. GODDAMN Noah Baumbach! I'm sure his divorce was similar, but the fact that he was able to so accurately portray some very universal hurt on film is incredible. One of the marks of a really great piece of art.
    And of course Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver were thoroughly enjoyable. I loved Johansson's performance overall, but particularly the scene when she's on the couch, meeting her lawyer for the first time. Trying to detail what went wrong in the marriage. Lovely scene.