Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★½

mind-blowing. tbh i didn't understand it at first until i read some interpretations and explanations. ha ha ha yes i am that dumb bitcc who failed to see the collision of dream and reality. i mean, i have an idea like, "ohhh so it's not real? the first half was just an imagination of someone?" but i was still skeptical. i thought i just missed something but hell yeah i hit it...slightly. it's a right decision that i didn't cast aside my intuition easily. anyway, i think dir. lynch crafted the film carefully. good job. hollywood as the setting blended well with film's metaphor. it's arduous to digest tho.

icywtk, i discovered this film back when i was reading about "film noir" and it happened that it was one of the famous films included in that particular genre.