We Have Always Lived in the Castle ★★★½

This is a seriously on point adaptation. Sometimes it’s difficult for movies to capture the atmosphere and uncertainty that comes with a narrator like Merricat, but this one does a really excellent job of translating her perspective without over-relying on a voiceover or sacrificing just how fucking weird everything is. 

It’s also some kind of accomplishment when Crispin Glover isn’t the creepiest thing in the movie. Here that award goes resolutely to Taissa Farmiga, though Alexandra Daddario’s constant Man-Who-Laughs-if-he-were-a-1960s-housewife smile also deserves some major kudos. 

Lots of interesting directorial choices from Stacie Passon, even if she doesn’t do the strongest job. One doesn’t normally think of pink tile and floral wallpaper when reading Shirley Jackson, but seeing it onscreen makes perfect sense!

Honestly, I don’t get the bad reviews on this one. Mostly what that tells me is that not nearly enough people have read this book. 🤷‍♀️