• Look Both Ways

    Look Both Ways


    I'm not sure what exactly I expected... but I really liked how this concluded, unlike most movies of this kind.

  • Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist

    Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist


    I am shook... for a myriad of reasons.

    I'm saddened that as a society the victim of this intricate hoax, masterminded by ONE person with their own set of issues... obviously, was constantly mocked, questioned ridiculed, and worse. I feel like it's akin to how DV/SA survivors have been treated for ages (and sometimes still are). As an outsider it's easier said than done. 

    My heart goes out to Manti, and clearly... he's a bigger man than many with his forgiveness.

  • Groot's Pursuit

    Groot's Pursuit


    cute short of a favorite character... perfect to end the night with!

  • The Journey Ahead

    The Journey Ahead


    love me a good road trip... all twists and turns and road blocks included! Toss in some self-discovery and character growth... this was a sweet feel good!

  • Secret Headquarters

    Secret Headquarters

    Another one fit for playing in the background while I reconcile accounts.

  • 13: The Musical

    13: The Musical


    Seems like a decent option to put on while I'm working on bookkeeping!

    As expected, a fun, inclusive, coming of age, fitting in, finding the good in others, tweeny musical!

  • Romance In Style

    Romance In Style


    This was wonderful, ground-breaking, important, needed... and both thrilling and difficult for me to watch, personally.

    It could've gone so wrong... and mostly I wish there was either some kind of redemption or kick-back to the antagonists that made everything so difficult along the whole way. That bit stayed dangling for me, then again that is fairy realistic.

    The chemistry between the leads, the sass and truth sprouted by the heroine, the history she shared, and the sheer audacity some have trying to quash any sort of true representation in fashion.., it was all very relatable.

  • Luck



    I  love going into a movie with little expectation or idea of the actual plot/direction it's all going.

    This came out with a bigger emotional bang than I expected... and wrapped it all up with some great life lessons and realization for all!

    Plenty of hilarity, fantasy, and action adventure throughout to make it great all the way!

  • Wedding Season

    Wedding Season


    A wonderful modern/western take on a classic rom-com/Bollywood flick!

    Some great character self-discovery, plenty of Indian family and community dynamics, a bajillion beautiful weddings!

  • I Just Killed My Dad

    I Just Killed My Dad


    very intriguing, totally watched it all at once!

  • Electric Jesus

    Electric Jesus


    Definitely niche... but a husband pick, after hearing about it on Chris Jericho's podcast!?

  • A Splash of Love

    A Splash of Love


    To find someone who makes your day to day exciting, is the dream. So this is pure fairytale magic!