I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

i saw a poster for this movie promoting it as "the goodfellas of figure skating" - i couldn't agree more. it had multiple narrators, a soundtrack of crooners juxtaposed against constant abuse, and the sheer grit and anxieties of its characters taking center stage. the difference is that the protagonist here gets fucked over by everyone in her life, and that leads to my one gripe with this movie. a lot of the abuse, both verbal and physical, was shocking to me, yet occasionally the audience would laugh ?? something about the tone was just off at times and i don't think it would have bothered me had i watched it alone. nevertheless, tonya harding's story was presented in a fair light (i'd fight tooth and nail to protect her, she deserved so much better!!!!)

margot robbie deserves the oscar that she won't get

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